Hiring a Tree Service

If you have had storm damage to trees, want a dead tree removed, or just want a few limbs taken off to improve the look of a shade tree, who do you hire?

Tree work is a skilled profession that requires training and experience.  The way trees are pruned can have a big impact on their appearance, health and longevity.  Tree removals, especially between buildings or near roadways, can be difficult and should only be done by trained professionals.  Tree work is dangerous to both the worker and the property where the work is taking place and companies need to have the proper liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage should an accident occur.  When having pruning or removal work done on trees, always hire an experienced professional with insurance coverage.  Here are a few suggestions to help you through the process:

     1.  Contact at least three tree services and get bids from each one.

- Get recommendations from neighbors and friends

- Oak Park Heights requires tree services doing work in the City to be licensed

- Look for companies with ISA Certified Arborists on staff

     2.  Arrange to be on site when they come to bid the job so you can tell them exactly what you want done and you have a chance to assess their knowledge and experience.

     3.  Be sure the bid sheet specifies all work to be done including clean up and if wood is to be left or hauled away. 

     4.  Ask to see proof of current insurance and workers’ compensation coverage.

     5.  Ask for references and check them out. 

     6.  Do not pay the company until all work has been completed to your satisfaction.


Trees are sometimes attacked by insects or disease organisms that require spraying.  Commercial firms which use fungicides or insecticides on trees must be licensed by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and be able to produce a Commercial Pesticide Applicator’s license.