Water Meter Replacement Project

The City has started the process to replace water meters throughout the system. Core and Main, a SENSUS meter provider will provide new meters and new meter reading equipment and Vanguard will provide a qualified crew to assist the City in replacing roughly 1,400 water meters throughout 2022 and early 2023. Vanguard crews working in OPH will be vetted by the City Police and through the MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) background check and will be wearing a name badge. All valid written communications from the contractor will also have the City’s logo affixed.


Water customers will be contacted via a postcard mailer or a door hanger and will be asked to schedule an appointment to have the meter replaced. Most meter replacements will take less than twenty (20) minutes and there is no additional fee to water customers for this work. We ask that homeowners make sure that the area around the water meter is cleared of storage items and is accessible. If possible, please also check that the valves on both sides of the existing water meter are operational. Crews will not replace valves. If valves are faulty, the water pipe will be frozen long enough to replace the meter.


Most homes use the water service to provide a safe ground for the homes electrical system. Since the new meters are made of composite material, if the grounding wire was installed on the house side of the water meter, the City will provide a jumper grounding wire if necessary.